I can’t believe that neglected to share this recipe during butternut squash season. It’s one of my absolute favorites. I’ve made it so many times since I discovered it over a year ago because I often crave this specific combination of flavors: roasted sweet squash, crunchy red onions and chickpeas bathed in a tangy, nutty […]


Clearly, I’m all about carbs and dairy this week. I’m (wishfully) thinking that it’s going to warm up here in the next few weeks and I will no longer have the desire to heat the apartment with all of these shorts/sundress/swimsuit-unfriendly foods. Unlike the rice pudding and mac and cheese from earlier in the week, […]


Sweet Pumpkin Dip

December 2, 2010

I know it’s December, but technically it’s still Autumn, so I’m going to sneak another pumpkin recipe in here. This pumpkin dip is great with ginger snaps, graham cracker, vanilla wafers or apple slices, and it’s something fun and easy to take to a holiday party.


Butternut Squash Soup(s)

December 1, 2010

Soo…I made some more soup. I’m all about the soups this week. I knew that I wanted to make one with pureed butternut squash and since I couldn’t decide between two different recipes, I made them both. They are distinctly different and both are fairly easy to prepare. One is spicy and savory and the […]

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Butternut Squash Sandwich

November 23, 2010

When I spotted a butternut squash sandwich at┬áBouchon Bakery last year, I had to try it. It was awesome. Its eleven dollar price tag…not so awesome. With just a few ingredients, I make my own hearty fall sandwich at home for a fraction of the cost.


Pumpkin Cupcakes

November 16, 2010

Part of the reason why I love fall so much is because it’s the time of year that pumpkin flavored things appear. I’m always excited to partake in pumpkin lattes, ice cream, pastries, pastas, soups…all of it. One of my favorite pumpkin recipes is these cupcakes. They are amazing. I only make them when I […]

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