No-Mayo Potato Salad

July 10, 2011

My oven died last week while roasting the potatoes for this salad. I should probably go ahead and get that fixed. Clearly, there hasn’t been any baking going on around here. For this salad, roasted potatoes aren’t even required; I think it’s just as tasty when you simply boil the potatoes. My sister shared this […]

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Awesome Chicken Salad

May 16, 2011

This is my favorite chicken salad recipe. It is awesome. I found it after looking for something similar to Trader Joe’s wine country chicken salad (which is delicious but sort of pricey and crazy-high in calories). While I haven’t done a side by side taste comparison, this version comes mighty close. And if you cheat […]


Growing up, this was one of my all-time favorite foods. In recent years, I’ve really only eaten it when it shows up on the table around the holidays, and I usually don’t make it myself. I made this recipe for the first time earlier year and it was easy and awesome. Right before we left […]


I can’t believe that neglected to share this recipe during butternut squash season. It’s one of my absolute favorites. I’ve made it so many times since I discovered it over a year ago because I often crave this specific combination of flavors: roasted sweet squash, crunchy red onions and chickpeas bathed in a tangy, nutty […]


Roasted Broccoli

March 3, 2011

My sister called me a few weeks ago looking for ideas on what side item to bring party. “Roasted broccoli is soooo good! It’s my favorite way to eat broccoli and it’s so easy,” I told her, “Just look on my bl…” And then I realized that a roasted broccoli post did not exist on […]


Clearly, I’m all about carbs and dairy this week. I’m (wishfully) thinking that it’s going to warm up here in the next few weeks and I will no longer have the desire to heat the apartment with all of these shorts/sundress/swimsuit-unfriendly foods. Unlike the rice pudding and mac and cheese from earlier in the week, […]


Simple Mushroom Risotto

January 27, 2011

New York City got buried in 19 inches of snow last night. Everything looks like it’s covered in marshmallow fluff. I thought that it would be a great day to stand over the stove stirring a pot of creamy, cozy butternut squash risotto; only I didn’t have any white wine, so I tromped through a […]


Smashed Peas and Edamame

January 24, 2011

It looks like baby food and it’s really green, but believe me, ┬áit doesn’t taste like baby food (unless baby food is somehow delicious). And that vibrant hue means that it’s good for you. I thought that the combination of peas, edamame, garlic and mint was fantastic. This is a great snack or side dish, […]


Cranberry Sauce

November 24, 2010

Mmm…cranberry sauce. I want it on my Thanksgiving table. Do yourself a favor and make it from scratch this year if you’ve never made it before. It couldn’t be easier. It takes less than 10 minutes, start to finish. Seriously.


Brussels sprouts are on a lot of “dislike” lists. I had my first taste of them as an adult because my mom is not a fan of the mini cabbage relative and we never ate them at home. They weren’t served in the school cafeteria growing up and I don’t remember eating them at my […]

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