Blueberry Muffins

May 19, 2011

I’m pretty sure these are best blueberry muffins I’ve ever eaten. They’re not the healthy kind; they’re also kind of a pain in the ass to make…but they’re totally worth it. Seriously. This is an exceptional muffin, guys.

I picked these blueberries up at the market because they were on sale. They were so good that it was tempting not to eat them unaltered. Aren’t they pretty?

This recipe wants you to make a jam out of half of the berries (the other half go into the batter, whole). This part seems a little fussy; I generally try to avoid fussy when it comes to making simple things like muffins and normally I’d opt for a one-bowl recipe. However, the people of the internet swore by this one in droves, so I went ahead and put a little extra effort in. Making the jam really only took a few minutes- and cleaning the pan only took a few seconds…so this step seems more annoying than it actually is.

The rest of the process is fairly simple: stir an egg with some sugar, and then gradually mix in the other wet ingredients. There’s a lot of measuring involved, and you have to use ¬†too many different bowls for my liking. But it’s easy enough.

The resulting batter is pretty thick. And it tastes GOOD. As much as I loved the muffins, I liked the batter even more.

The recipe instructs you to completely fill the muffin tin so that there’s a slight mound on top. I used a cupcake pan, which is a bit more shallow, perhaps? Anyway, I made a half-batch that should have resulted in 6 muffins but I was only able to fill five slots. Maybe I ate too much batter. You spoon the jam onto the top of each muffin and then swirl it around with a skewer or something similar (I used a lollipop stick). The swirling process was kind of a mess. The batter glopped out onto the pan a bit so I had to wipe the edges clean.

I decided to make the suggested lemon-sugar topping at the last minute. I was going to forgo this step because I was already having to make jam for crying out loud…but I’m glad I went ahead and whipped some up and sprinkled it on there. It added a nice hint of lemon flavor and was easy to make.

The muffins came out of the oven looking pretty spiffy and they smelled amazing.

I couldn’t wait for them to cool before testing one out.

Crunchy top. Fluffy, moist innards studded with blueberries. Sweetened just right. Pretty.

This is muffin perfection if you ask me.

It’s a muffin worth washing a few extra dishes for.

The recipe is from Cooks Illustrated and should you choose to bake some of your own, you can find the recipe here.

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