Pastry Student Pics

October 10, 2012

Here’s a picture of my first project:

French Apple Tart

I took this photo from afar so you can’t see the gloppy glaze or the uneven apple slices. It may not have been a perfect tart but it sure was delicious.

I’ve decided to share my future pastry school projects via Instagram through an online album. You can find the link here and also in the lefthand sidebar of this blog. I’ll be updating the album as I complete recipes (every 2-3 days) so check back often (you’re also able to subscribe to the album).

I’ve been in school for a week and I’m loving it so far! It’s been challenging and humbling but I’m thrilled to be there and I look forward to every class.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a walking state of discombobulation in that kitchen but the feeling will hopefully subside as I become more acclimated, skilled and efficient.

For the record, D and I polished off this tart in 3 days:

I definitely need to add some more cardio to my workout routine.

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