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March 7, 2013


A few things:

1. Random facts about my life:

-I have eaten cake for breakfast for the past 5 days.

-I stopped going to gym in November.

-The most strenuous workout I get these days is when I need to whisk something by hand.

-I mostly wear pants with elastic waist bands.

These are temporary lifestyle choices, of course. I hope.

Breakfast of Champions

2. I love school. I have been crazy-busy (hence the lack of posts-but you know…excuses, excuses). I just took my midterm exam which blows my mind because it feels like I just started. It is flying by. For our midterm project, we had to design a 6 inch cake for a special occasion. I made this birthday cake for our friends’ little girl who just celebrated her birthday. This isn’t the greatest photo, but it’s the only one I have:

Lemon Chiffon Cake filled w/Raspberry Bavarian/covered in Swiss Meringue Buttercream

3. I need to change the tagline and “about me” section of this blog because we moved to Brooklyn in January and I no longer have an itty bitty kitchen. I’m now the proud renter of full sized appliances and the owner  a formica breakfast table with vintage nailhead diner chairs. There are entire shelves devoted to my cookbooks and unnecessary appliances. I can flip omelets and bake muffins in a stream of natural sunlight with a view of the empire state building! Before I start to sound too braggy, I should tell you that the ceiling is cracked and appears as though it might cave in at any moment. Still no dishwasher. Also-I’m pretty sure there’s a creature living and/or playing around in the walls (which are kind of crumbly). I like to pretend that it’s a squirrel rather than a rat. Oh NYC….

Our whole apartment was quite the project–a ginormous DIY fixer upper; I might do a whole post about it one of these days. For now, here are some before/afters of my beloved new-old kitchen. The theme is “grandma-chic.” Apparently:

Did you spot that Kitchenaid mixer on the counter? Dreams really do come true.

D installed this backsplash, which looks like tin but is actually plastic:

try to pretend that those dirty dishes aren't there

I always wanted a chalkboard wall and I’m especially fond of our retro inspired trash can, which was a splurge item. Priorties…

I loved Hell’s Kitchen but I am so happy to be in Brooklyn right now. I am loving the space and the pace and there are SO many new restaurants to explore.

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